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tour plan :

october 10th : Liège @ L’escalier/ BELGIUM

october 11th : Lille @ Le Select/ FRANCE

october 12th : Brussels @ Bokal Royal/ BELGIUM

october 13th : Fribourg @ Fri-Son/ SWITZERLAND

october 14th : hopefully Geneva / SWITZERLAND

october 15th : Strasbourg @ Molodoï/ FRANCE

october 16th : Paris @ Le Pixi / FRANCE



"Fago.Sepia warms the heart. Rich melodies inhabit Lame Sure Ruse Mal, and a jazzy influence brings
the formality down a few notches An overwhelming organicism floods the album.
Fago.Sepia constructs the album from the ground up with their bare hands
the personal touch is the selling point of this piece."
-Jordan Volz/ silent ballet / top 50 instrumental



"John Makay, duet come from Amiens, opens the evening. Guitar, drum kit, the bare minimum. " We are going to tell you the story of our super-hero, who is called John ". there they go guitarist standing, straight and concentrated eyes wide closed/ drummer, launched profoundly, seems to have difficulty in remaining based, looks like he is going to throw any second his toms and cymbals through the room. The guitarist seems to be two, Specialized in the tapping with two hands, he(it) auto-comes along at the same time as he plays melodies. Instrumental, intense fragments, enamelled by more quiet passages, which stick on no style. After every piece, the breathless drummer explains to us briefly about what "speaks" the following one. The public appreciates, the reception is warm."

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